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a quite clicky xmas compilation 2017

1. Claire M Singer - Solas
2. Colleen - Separating
3. Ian Hawgood - She
4. Ian William Craig - Arrive, Arrive (Slow Vessels version)
5. Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Hangout
6. Grizzly Bear - Four Cypress
7. High Plains - Cinderland
8. Olivier Alary - Nollywood
9. Jacaszek -
10. Max Richter - Tuesday
11. Oliver Cherer - Unspoken

a quite clicky xmas compilation 2016

1. Johann Johannson - A Song for Europa
2. Ben Lukas Boysen - The Veil
3. Johann Johannson with Hildur Gudnadottir & Robert A A Lowe - End of Summer Part 1
4. Ian William Craig - Out of Book
5. Ian William Craig - A Single Hope
6. Radiohead - Daydreaming
7. The Album Leaf - False Dawn
8. James Blake - Radio Silence
9. Bon Iver - 22 (Over S88n)
10. Lambchop - The Hustle
11. ISAN - Risefallsleep
12. Tindersticks - How He Entered

a quite clicky xmas compilation 2015

1. King Creosote - You Just Want
2. Spheruleus and friends - To Us Thy Memory Can Never Be Lost
3. Moon Ate The Dark - Bashy
4. Visionary Hours - Reaches Into Silence
5. Richard Skelton - Canis, Lynx, Ursus: Awake, Arise, Reclaim
6. Olli Aarni - Pohjoistuuli
7. Nils Frahm & Olafur Arnalds - 23:52
8. Roisin Murphy - House of Glass
9. Espen Eriksen Trio - Gravity
10. Aiden Moffat - Any Other Mirror
11. Father John Misty - I Went To The Store One Day

a quite clicky xmas compilation 2014

1. Richard Skelton - Carr
2. Memory Drawings - There Is No Perfect Place
3. British Sea Power - Heroines of the Cliff
4. Hildur Gudnadottir - Saman
5. Jon Hopkins - Immunity (Asleep Version)
6. S Carey - Glass/Film
7. Lewis - Like To See You Again
8. Susanna/Jenny Hval - I Have Walked This Body
9. Lapland - Unwise
10. King Creosote - For One Night Only
11. Douglas Dare - Swim
12. Kiasmos - Looped
13. Gus Gus - Obnoxiously Sexual
14. Bracken - We Put The Pop In Unpopular
15. Hauschka - Elisabeth Bay
16. Hiss Golden Messenger - Saturday's Song

a quite clicky xmas compilation 2013

1. Hilmar Orn & Steindor Andersen - Hraesvelgur
2. Bibio - You Won't Remember
3. Boards of Canada - Reach for the Dead
4. Mark Kozelek & Jimmy LaValle - Gustavo
5. John Grant - Why Don't You Love Me Anymore?
6. James Blake - Retrograde
7. Tindersticks - Put Your Love In Me
8. Mogwai - Hungry Face
9. Karl Hyde - Shadow Boy
10. David Bowie - Where Are We Now?
11. Jon Hopkins - Immunity
12. Tindersticks - What Are You Fighting For?
13. Desertshore - Brothers

a quite clicky xmas compilation 2012

1. Simon Scott - SeaLevel_2
2. Sigur Ros - Valtari
3. Richard Skelton - Of The Sea
4. Sons of Noel and Adrian - Black Side of the River
5. Grizzly Bear - Yet Again
6. Susanna - There's Nothing Funny About This
7. Diagrams - Mills
8. James Yorkston - Sometimes The Act of Giving Love
9. Darren Hayman - London Fields
10. British Sea Power - Cleaning Out The Rooms (Wandering Horn Remix)
11. Towards Green - Last Page (Live Take)
12. Tyneham House - Rookery Wood
13. Snow Palms - Snowlight
14. S. Carey - Two Angles

a quite clicky xmas compilation 2011

1. wells moffat - the copper top
2. tim hecker - sketch 8
3. a winged victory for the sullen - we played some open chords
4. nils frahm - familiar
5. king creosote & jon hopkins - aurora boring alias
6. jacaszek - dare-gale
7. mogwai - does this always happen?
8. remember remember - white castle
9. british sea power - cleaning out the rooms
10. king creosote & jon hopkins - bats in the attics
11. james blake - limit to your love
12. the streets - lock the locks
13. matt eliott - dust flesh and bones
14. piano magic - the way of the birds
15. british sea power - baby
16. wells moffat - let's stop here

some versions omit the matt elliott track.

a quite clicky xmas compilation 2010

1. brave timbers - i'll always come back to this place (epic 45 remix)
2. the declining winter - leave
3. happenstance -the one eyed king
4. amiina - over and again
5. the album leaf - summer fog
6. his name is alive - st michael
7. olafur arnalds - Þú ert sólin
8. codes in the clouds - the distance between us (nils frahm remix)
9. drivan -som en laderlapp
10. isan - channel 10
11. luke abbott - holkham drones
12. pantha du prince - stick to my side (lawrence version)
13. james blake - klavierwerke
14. four tet - angel echoes
15. sean carey - in the dirt
16. hurts - wonderful life
17. the declining winter - official world cup theme 2010

some versions omit hurts' wonderful life and add cavil's small moments.

a quite clicky xmas compilation 2009

1. richard skelton - pariah
2. hildur gudnadottir - elevation
3. rice boy sleeps - daniel in the sea
4. fever ray - when i grow up
5. annie - take you home
6. circlesquare - hey you guys
7. gus gus - thin ice
8. whitest boy alive - island
9. lindstrom & christabelle - baby can't stop (aeroplane remix)
10. royksopp - it's what i want
11. alog - every word was once an animal
12. at swim two birds - let her go
13. leyland kirby - on top of some world or another (stripped)

a quite clicky xmas compilation 2008

1. olafur arnalds - himininn er ad hrynja en stjornurnar fara per vel
2. leila - teases me
3. susanna - can't shake loose
4. prosumer and murat tepeli - serenity
5. luomo (featuring apparat) - love you all
6. lee jones - mdmazing
7. sasse - berlin
8. sten - way to the stars
9. ost & kjex - sicksnacks
[some versions delete tracks 6 & 7 and add ben watt - guinea pig here]
10. noze - you have to dance
11. matias aguayo - minimal (dj koze maxi version)
12. portishead - machine gun
13. raz o'hara and the odd orchestra - where he at
14. earl brutus - navyhead

a quite clicky compilation 2007

1. klimek - for mark hollis & giacinto scelsi
2. lawrence -
3. pantha du prince -
4. efdemin -
5. booka shade - numbers
6. fuckpony - ride the pony (sebastian tellier mix)
7. international pony - solid gold
8. matthew dear - don & sherry (hot chip mix)
9. apparat - arcadia
10. lopazz - 2 fast 4 u
11. booka shade - night falls (larry gold's night falls over philly string version
12. supermayer - two of us (extended album version)
13. lcd soundsystem - someone great
14. radiohead - videotape

Below, Kompakt's Michael Mayer talks about his new imprint Immer.

Why have you started a new label for old tracks?

Mayer: Partially for a very selfish reason: I need fresh copies of these records I'm going to re-release. I played them so often that their condition became quite unbearable. More importantly, I think that the past 20 years of techno/house/whatever-you-like-to-call-it left us some treasures that deserve to be highlighted again. I'm not talking about consense hits everybody used to play. "Immer" is focussed on those lost tracks that nobody really noticed at the time when the record came out. I'm talking about b-side tracks or records that seemed to be totally out of place at the time. Yet, there's a certain magic within these tracks. They always send a shiver down my spine when i play them and there are always people asking "What the hell is this?" It's an annoying thing to answer "It's this and that but it's practically impossible to find". "Immer" is the German word for "always" or "ever".

What are your plans for the label?

Mayer: The concept is to find two old "secret" classics of mine that fit well together. There will be no remixes, no editing - just a careful re-mastering. I want these tracks to stand for themselves. The most difficult part is to track down the people who hold the rights nowadays. After the first months of investigation I start to feel like Sherlock Holmes. Many artists seem to have disappeared from this planet. But I will not stop until I found them... It's a really exciting work to do.

What is the label's aesthetic?

Mayer: The visual side will be very discreet but noble. I don't want my person to be present too much. I rather see my work as a kind of service for music lovers. Musically spoken, almost anything can happen. There will be deep and sweet things alongside real party crackers. They're all timeless representants of my DJ sets' aesthetics.

What would be the perfect release on Immer?

Mayer: There are so many forgotten treasures... A perfect couple would be this one: I'm searching for How & Little "Legends" which got released on NuGroove in 1991. They disappeared when NuGroove went out of business. The flipside could be Portable Productions "My Technique", released in the same year on a tiny German label called Toxikk Trakks. Maybe somebody can help me out there?

Tell me about each of the tracks on the first release ...

Mayer: After "Immer Null" which got released on Kompakt as a kind of introduction and contained rare, sought after tracks from the inner core of Kompakt artists, the first official "Immer" release will showcase some evergreens from the deeper side of things. One side is produced by Benjamin Diamond under the name Solitaire. The track is called "Inner Cycle Pt 1+2". He originally recorded this epic 12 minutes long song for a Dior fashion show. It's one of the most seductive disco songs ever made. The original record was very limited so despite of Diamond's fame this track remained almost unknown. It's one of those records I'd play at the end of a long night. It immediately puts everybody under its spell and back on the dancefloor. The other side comes from the UK label Pure Plastic which is mainly known for more banging techno stuff. Connective Zone's "Function" appeared on Pure Plastic's more experimental offshoot UXB. It's a masterpiece of a melodic techno track, you don't get bored for a second and it's astonishingly romantic without loosing the drive.

(Vey small) Portions of the above have previously appeared in Record Collector magazine.

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 written on 20 Dec 2017

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